DC Blogs Noted

Because of her blog, Adventures of a florida girl in dc has been invited to media tastings and events for new restauants. She writes: What I didn’t anticipate was that I felt a little weird about going to these events and then blogging about them to you.

Designer Debt : How Far Will Women Go? Ask Miss A ponders this question and points out a Web site that allows readers to borrow or rent things, such as the Hermes Vintage Crocodile Birkin Handbag for $1,6320.00 a week.

If you missed the broken escalator at Dupont Circle, fear not. This short video captures the frustration and complaining by people facing something worse that a fare hike, a real hike up hundreds of stairs. Unsuck DC Metro.

I can hear you bitching tells about her recent trip to a concert in the West Virginia mountains. It begins: So this weekend I left the city and headed to Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia with a couple of my Peace Corps buddies. I paid $180 for a ticket, we rented a car, and we cleaned out the local Wal-Mart getting supplies for a weekend of mountain music.

The Death Of Advertising: The New Role Of Commercials. The Definitive Dmbosstone