DC Blogs Noted

Photo: This bundle of cute is waiting to be adopted. For more information and a photo gallery of dozens of other pets-in-waiting, see Live It, Love It, Save the Furbabies.

If there is any blogger that could write a post about her breast cancer getting increasingly seriousness and somehow make it poignant, funny, and simultaneously vaguely erotic, it’s City Girl. Stage 1 is not so fun, details her advancement.

In a *cough, cough* refreshing change of pace, the author/explorer behind the Metro Ventures blog, stands in defense of the much maligned transit system… and still offers some suggestions for improvement.

The Scarlet Letters contemplates office romance/feelings that might be unrequited.

If you can find a way to intersect studying for the bar and the movie Bull Durham in a cohesive and compelling blog post, of course, you merit a DC Blogs Noted mention: Ouij writes about Curveballs.

Life adjustments, including but not limited to boyfriend and new place, are having an impact on Liz in Limbo. Warning: Herein Lay Strange Nesting Behaviors.

There are few joys in the Washington area quite like experiencing a great show from the expanse of Wolf Trap’s lawn or in the covered seats. However, the author of Brutalism details the comedy that can occur when Drunk People Happen.

General Shout-Out: Clarendon Nights is a go-to blog for all those people who wish to voluntarily socialize in that particular Virginia Suburb (and no, this city dwelling contributing editor could not resist the back-handed compliment to the all things suburban.)