DC Blogs Noted

Two hands, flimsy safety pins, one boob, and yet another awkward position”… and yet somehow, someway the post by Lemon Gloria is even better than the title.

Sometime around 2am Sunday morning a brawl erupted on the platform of the Bethesda Metro Station.  Unsuck DC Metro has coverage from participants in Jersey Shore comes to Bethesda, and iMetro blog has some additional details in Bethesda Fight Club.

Baskin Robbins is retiring five flavors of ice cream and the blogger behind I Spy Things DC is more than a bit tweaked by some of the additions and subtractions.

Not Enough Tequila in the World has a great facility with analyzing and deriving humor from the everyday elements of our world.  His latest collection of nine cinema related questions, “Why is it that in the movies…” demonstrates that humor again.

Kat, of Kat in the Kitchen, publicly acknowledges her status as a “boozeaholic” and describes the methodology for making a proper Margarita.

Washington City Paper Blog The Sexist wanders into the internet morass of race by examining what she termed “A Brief History of DateLab Racism.”  The charges, counter-charges, and defenses predictably flow in the comments.