DC Blogs Noted

Heating Up Chairborne Stranger Blogs are allowing soldiers to describe, in ways that often grip and stir, what it is they face and how it impacts them. This writer, a DC metro area soldier serving in Iraq, has been generously sharing his experiences and this post is one of his best. An excerpt: Life seems to disappear so casually here in Iraq. The faceless, nameless insurgent that guns down two or three service members in the space of seconds. The violent explosions from IEDs and mortar attacks that send shrapnel everywhere and devastate. The people left that have to carry on, move past the loss, pain, and grief. Also Noted: Appraiser’s market view. Summary at Urban Trekker Blog. There is a dramatic decline in sales. Church and State showdown over double parking on April 23, reports DCist. Match.com’s ‘fate’ is failure, reports Field of Flowerz. DC Drama Grrls blog, which turned out some excellent work over many months, is no more. Two of its writers have moved on, reports the Dutchess, who has changed her pen name to Moxie and has launched a solo blog: Another Day in DC. Check out her latest post, Talk Sex With Sue on the Oxygen channel and writes: It’s just something about getting the advice from a 90 year old that bothers me. Flesbianism explained by Irina is always right. Less crime, more fines, reports Metro DC Sewer, about the benefits of living in Chevy Chase. Alex the Afraid yet Adorable at Quiet in the Stacks. And those new shoes. I think the real purpose of a ten-year reunion is to brag, writes Redhead in the City. The invite has arrived. Sentence of the week: There isn’t anything sweeter than pointing out people’s weak points and then picking at them like a swollen scab, writes Sarcastic and Cynical. D.C. Blogger Meetup Wednesday – tonight — beginning at 7 p.m. at Pharaoh’s, 1817 Columbia Rd., in Adams Morgan. Site note: We may skip publishing Thursday if Webloggers meeting runs late. Regarding live feed: There’s a list of about 40 blogs to be added, and that will happen soon. If you want to be listed, please dcblogs@gmail.com