DC Blogs Noted

A Bike Courier’s Bad Day. The life of a DC courier and lindy hopper. A former programmer tells his story.

This isn’t a metaphor, it’s a photo: Woman on the ledge. Fat Biscut.

I might be a cougar. Sorry about that. She writes: I was enjoying myself, my burger, and the good view of perfect bone structure. Then the conversation moved to weekend plans, I told him that I try not to think that far ahead in my life, and he told me that his birthday is this coming Saturday.

Inferno antidote or a salad dressing with honey, lime, grapefruit … Bicycle Girl: One Girl, One Life, One Bike.

DC Dept of Motor Vehicles doesn’t get the license right. Photo of results. The life of MB.

There’s a nice new two-way bike lane in the median of Pennsylvania Ave., writes Note to Self. Photo.

DC in 50 Days. A long vacation that’s now at day 33.