DC Blogs Noted

Eat More Drink More may have finally convinced me to go to a non-metro accessible part of Virginia with this review of Trummers on Main.

A group of lawyers in downtown DC is suing a burger joint for creating too much “beefy smoke”. Ummm… what? Washington City Paper has the oh so ridiculous details.

Farm Fresh Meat encourages us to “all pledge to stop checking our email for a couple hours and watch some good old fashioned TV.”

A group of Marines and Navy Seals fly the flag at a beach and it draws people into conversation. Midcourt writes: That is when it struck me … that these people coming up to us, sharing their stories of their sons, brothers and in one case her husband, were bonding with their loved ones through us. This well told story is titled, What does “nothing to do” mean to you?

Giving a tour to a zillion Boy Scouts on the hottest Saturday of the year SOUNDS like it should have been miserable, but DC Like a Local explains why it was actually one of the most pleasant.

What would you do if your child was referred to as “broken”? Something “needing to be fixed”? The Big Piece of Cake maintains that her son is not a piece of equipment needing a replacement part.