DC Blogs Noted

The Scarry Mommy contemplates the conundrum of being a stay at home mom vs. going back to work.

Snarkshelf contemplates the vice in coveting thy neighbor’s BMW… among other things.

The Prince of Petworth contemplates the neighborhood ramifications of a new DC brewery opening in Shaw.

The blogger behind At Least I’m Enjoying the Ride contemplates the unassailable perfection that is dinner at the Inn at Little Washington (it would take the bulk of this page to list all of their major accolades so you just need to trust the opinion of  someone who gets paid to make such assessments that I am correct on this matter.)

WashingTina contemplates her attachments to inanimate objects but most especially the her first thing-love – a candy apple red Ford Mustang convertible with a really big engine and big personality too.  Her name was Flash.

Neurotic in Ashburn contemplates the complexity of dealing with emotionally damaged men.

Ed. Note: Yes, as I wrote this submission, I clearly had some fascination with contemplation or its nominal form.