DC Blogs Noted

Not just your average slice of pie. Take a trip with [F]oxymoron into a rather unusual evening in the Atlas.

Feeling a little blasé about living in the District? Try thinking from a tourist’s perspective. (I know; scary, right?) Karen at Living Like a Tourist has some pretty good ideas.

One Drop Rule gives us a great DC luminary story. Who needs movie stars when you can have the Mayor for Life stroll into your dinner out?

Chris at Rude Cactus captures a charming (and unnerving, if you’re over a certain age) moment: twenty-first century kids interacting with twentieth-century technology.

In honor of last night’s big premiere, Marissa rains all over your Real Housewives of DC parade over at The Anti DC.

It’s the dog days of summer, which send a lot of us running to our flip-flops as a way of staying cool. Here’s a cautionary tale from DC Yogi, reminding us that we could probably do better as far as our feet are concerned.