DC Blogs Noted

Is the number of crazy and angry people on the Metro increasing? DC Universe reports, in gripping detail, a fight he witnessed. Excerpt: If you’ve seen enough episodes of Cops, you know there are two kinds of women in the world: The kind who take it when hit, and the kind who hit back. This woman fell into the latter category.

A Dash of Spice writes of Breaking my own Rules and doesn’t feel good about it. (Adult content).

A bouncer at a cupcake store? Eating Around DC

Five Reasons to shop at the H Street Farmers Market. the arugula files.

Riding the Tube in London, Runin DC notices a big difference with DC: folding bikes.

Safeway’s self checkout lines removed because of stealing. Life in the Village.

Congress Heights on the Rise offers a Lesson of the Day: Congress Heights is Not Washington Highlands… or a third world country. Frozen Tropics calls it a thought provoking post and weighs in as well.