DC Blogs Noted

The highly anticipated TBD.com, a new one-stop shop “TV station and website that delivers local news and community information from the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. region,” has officially launched. Affiliate blogs On Frozen Blog and U Street Girl give their impressions of the new site.

Urban Turf examines the pros and cons of posting your home– yes, your HOME- for sale on Craigslist.

Use Twitter? Despise their new “who to follow” suggestion box? You’re not alone- urban bohemian shares his feelings on it, as well as a way to remove it, courtesy of an e-friend.

The Natural Capital has rounded up a list of old-fashioned swimming holes in (or at least around) the District.

We’ve all heard by now that vampire author Anne Rice has “quit Christianity”. The Arena examines her reasons, especially in light of her qualifying statement that while she may be leaving the religion, she is still following “Christ”.

Just Nat is sick of the dog and pony show society requires to accompany the opening of any present, no matter how Ugly Christmas Sweater it is.

BeyondDC appreciates Google Earth’s sense of humor, as even they are getting in on Discovery’s “Shark Week”.