DC Blogs Noted

From the Dating & Relationship Desk of DC Blogs: Many people have written posts about good places to meet members of the (insert your gender preference here) sex. The versions by the author of Fifty First (J) Dates may not be novel, but Five Places to Meet Boys, and Five Places to Meet Girls are certainly fun reads.

A recent Yale University study found that the marriage rate in the African American community has dropped so precipitously that is has been dubbed The Black Marriage Crisis. Shannon Sez So has some more specific thoughts about 8 Reasons Sistas are Still Single. She also has a follow-up post that explains This Ain’t Your Momma’s Dating Scene.

Sometimes the best dance is a conversation… at least if you’re talking to someone who has A Way with Words, according to Magnolia .

The Unbreakable Man Laws blog has a new law for you: The Relationship Event Horizon Theory.

General Shout-Out #1 – City Girl in the District chronicles the tales of a displaced New-Yahwkher now residing in the Nation’s Capital. Her Popcorn and Other Life Lessons is rather entertaining.

General Shout-Out #2 – the similarly titled An American Girl in Washington is authored by an ex-military-brat who is putting down roots in our fair city. Her salutatory post, A New Town, A New Life, A New Bra, is whimsically engaging, and her latest, Flash from the Past, takes a wistful look at her love affair with Metro.