DC Blogs Noted

Either the writers at the Washington City Paper Blog have too much time on their hands or work on the side of the extra-truthful angels – jumpball. Either way their What If Campaign Ads Were Really Honest post is a terrifically hysterical way to start your Friday.

Thursday was the much anticipated debut of the latest DC Food-Truck, Red Hook Lobster. While it is my rather considered opinion that instant conclusions about dining establishments are to be taken with a grain of salt, the DC Universe and WashingTina had some interesting reflections on their respective experiences.

…Speaking of Food-Trucks, there are a number of special interest and government organizations seeking to add new regulations on the movable feasts. We Love DC cuts through the minutiae to produce an easily readable and digestible summary of the proposals.

When the author of Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino undertakes an experiment in sobriety, it would be hard not to include it.

As a former restaurant professional of a number of years, I have my share of pet peeves regarding onerous/obnoxious/abhorrent behavior from guests. Hey, Love recently experienced one of the behaviors that is near the top of my list.