DC Blogs Noted

Why the Target hate? Confessions of an Aztec Law Student investigates and writes: I realized it’s because the only people who write reviews on Yelp are disaffected yuppies.*

An Open Letter to the Washington D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. Velvet in Dupont.

The Great Typo Hunt in Dupont Circle. These bloggers wrote a book about typos in the wild. Excerpt: For the fourth time this month, we typo hunted with an observer, this time from the Washington Post.

A nightstand photo that says men are puzzling creatures. Unintended Housewife.

Missed Connections: Anger-Management Edition. Capital Comment Blog.

A ‘cigarette butler’ is valued at the Antiques Roadshow, which was in DC this past weekend. The Palisades.

The Blarney Crone writes on her blog: CVS, it seems, is trying to do away with customer care altogether.

A blog that may have an Eat, Pray, Love-like mission called 2Summers. Its writer, who left this month for South Africa, describes herself: I’m a 36-year-old writer/editor from Washington, D.C. Not long ago I was living a “regular” life — married, living in the suburbs, commuting to my job at an international nonprofit. Then I realized I was living the wrong life. So I moved to Africa and I’m writing a blog about it.

*Yet another side of Target: A musical video protest (it ought to be an Oscar contender in the short film category) over its campaign contributions. West Seattle Blog.