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Best traffic hazard in DC. I have personally witnessed 4 cars get screwed by this hazard, reports DC Mr. Anthrope. Is That Who I Think It Is? Our man on the scene has a good eye and camera and believes he got a photograph of someone famous. By Life Outtacontext. No fawning or whispering is allowed. Jordan speaks of photographs as capturing a memory in time. But they become more than that, and arrive as the mosaics of our lost innocence and youth. – Cube. Dealing in Subterfuges Also Noted It is official I’ve become an addict, writes the new guest blogger on Fictional Rockstar. Best license plate in DC, about a really strange pet. I Crap In a Box. Where Did Balducci’s Go? Gone. Our news team on the scene: Gallery Place Living. No better description of love. Sex and Our City.