DC Blogs Noted

The Social Media Club – DC will be holding a happy hour fundraiser to support families of the Gulf tomorrow, August 25th. The what, when and why are all here.

The Definitive Dmbosstone has been “blogging before it was called blogging”- and is therefore definitely an expert when it comes to getting over The Blog Hump.

When it comes to sex, Awkward Sex and the City is “an opportunist, not a thismightbewrongist”… and she’s afraid it might one day bite her in the possibly-famous ass.

Alex Priest reflects on his 30,000th tweet, and wonders how many of them truly held value?

I’ve heard a lot of horrible pick up lines in my day, but this one from The Anti DC absolutely takes the cake. The horribly, horribly inappropriate cake.

bossy color blog shares a friendly warning that takes me back to my college days (and some of my credit card debt): “Don’t drink and Ebay.”

General shout outs:

Check out DCBeerWeek.com and DCBeer.com to keep up with all of DC Beer Week’s events (Aug. 22 – 28). Capital Spice also mapped out the events around the District for us here. Easy access ftw.

To all DC Food Truck Enthusiasts, your help is needed! Check out Yes On Title 24 and take action by Wednesday, August 25th to make your voice heard and save the DC food trucks from extinction.