DC Blogs Noted

This one is going to tug your heart strings a little… ok, maybe a lot, but I implore you to read It Breaks My Heart from Do You Come Here Often. What good is this whole internet thing if we can’t use it to send some positive vibes to one of our own when she’s going through a difficult time.

We Love DC makes the argument that we are “more than people say we are”… especially if those people are a Tea Party member from Maine sending a warning to other participants who may be visiting DC for a certain rally this weekend.

…Speaking of the Tea Party Rally, Erin in the Real World has some thoughts on the best way for her to, ahem, help the Tea Party enjoy their stay.

The Smithsonian has added the original Kermit the Frog to its pop-culture collection. I Spy DC has some suggestions for the curators regarding the next ten things that should be added.

Just in case some of you are reading this from your summer vacation at one of DC’s nearby beaches, and you’re looking for a newish casual bistro, the author of Eat with Me has a review of the charming Jam Bistro by Eden.

If you’re not familiar with the Washington City Paper blog feature The Needle, you owe yourself the enjoyment of this weekday procedural. Place it in the “I Must Mock It Because the Alternative is Not Pleasant” category.