DC Blogs Noted

While Candy Sandwich describes her day as one that makes her want to duck, really, her family and life sound pretty good.

Meanwhile, Red Nose recalls the days of duck and cover.

Social media and privacy issues have City Girl in the District giving some advice and opinions. And she doesn’t like Facebook Places or Foursquare much.

My favorite daddyblogger, Go, Pop Go! contemplates the tyranny of child safety seat laws and the never-leave-your-kids-alone in the car rule.

Scary Mommy celebrates that most-beloved-by-parents-summer day: the return to school.

Restonian takes a quizzical look at legal and political goings-on in Herndon.

In a large family, it can be hard to fit in one-on-one time with one child; Feast After Famine recently had some alone time with one child and enjoyed it.

Year of Giving is still giving. This post is about day 239.