DC Blogs Noted

Among all of the joys of the internet, the ability to instantaneously test a social theory (on the micro level most times) is among my personal favorites. The author of the New Ciacada blog decided to ask the boys of the internet “what kind of mix-tape he would put together before meeting [her]” for a potential date.

The Georgetown University Student Blog, Vox Populi, has a flowchart for every conversation incoming students will have at orientation. How much has changed since you were a freshman?

Anyone who is remotely familiar with DC Politics knows that the primary, not the general election, is the one that counts. Greater Greater Washington makes a reasoned case for why that should change.

The DC Blogosphere generally lost their collective [expletive deleted] when Metro announced that they would no longer allow SmartCard holders to have a negative balance upon exiting the system. The MetroVentures blog did an outstanding job of summarizing the outrage, and adding non-histrionic analysis.

Apparently, the FDA isn’t the only organization that can issue egg recalls. The Emergency Egg Recall for Hilarity in Shoes, however, is a decidedly more personal action.

Alice of Alice in Wonderland gets lucky before going to and while in Vegas.