DC Blogs Noted

We are informed: My circus sideshow of a husband was able to devour the Quad Fish in 53 seconds. Photos, too. Dogs & Wine.

A reader takes the blogger out on a date. Date me, DC.

Peace, Love, Nicole: 33 Things About Me for my 33rd.

Powell Play shares the inside photographic story of the time he photographed Donald Trump.

Marie’s Blog Cafe describes the experience of getting a biopsy in More Boob Talk.

A public call for bra designs. ArtDiva. To support those living with breast cancer.

The Slow Cook: We Win for Best Local Food in First-Ever D.C. State Fair.

The snowpocalypse is relived as art in interesting ways. White Out at The Phillips Collection. Dramatic photo work at ReadysetDC.

I Suck at Blogging. Close Encounters of the Me Kind. Excerpt: Blogging is communicating and, mostly, I don’t feel like I have anything of value to communicate.

Note about the photo: This was a random auction find in a collection of photos. Unfortunately, it has no history, but may be late 19th century. The woman’s expression: thoughtful, dignified, yet somehow modern from a life that can only be imagined.