DC Blogs Noted

Missing DC: Part 1. Wonderful writing by Marathon’s Mistress. It starts:

I pride myself on being totally independent. Of friends. Of family. Especially from men. I’ve never been the kind of girl that gets a boyfriend and loses herself and stops seeing her girls or working out or going to (insert hobby here) class. But since I’ve recently departed the DC area for what I fear will be an endless two and a half months of familial and work pursuits, it occurs to me I may have a dependency problem when it comes to my city.

Telegraphing (about yourself) on Cororcran. Curator of Style.

A Ramen Noodle, Jim Beam, and Beagle Dog Sailing Trip to Rock Hall — ALONE. Sometimes, this is exactly the way it needs to be. Lonnie Bruner.

Fenty versus Gray thoughts of the day. All Life is Local.. There is an election.

Miriam’s Kitchen: Part Volunteering, Part Free Cooking Class Adventures of a florida girl in DC.