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The Church Parking Controversy A Blog Roundup The long standing practice of allowing church goers to double park appears coming to a slow and inevitable end. Sunday’s church sponsored rally in Logan Circle prompted a number of responses. The blogger at Clever Title opposes the double parking practice but also points to deeper issues. I guess the churches are too busy trying to shut down nice, new vegetarian restaurants (presumably because they might raise property values) and attacking bars because they might attract gay people. In Shaw also stopped at the rally. When I first arrived, there was something about a threat to drive churches out of DC. I went to my DC church today, didn’t hear a thing about that. Read the comments at the Logan Circle neighborhood blog as well, writes Mitch: The rally upsets me. The Logan Circle residents and churches have come together and now all the compromises are for not. An earlier DCist report. What Kind of Sex is Your Food? Failed Southern Lady Sharp, smart, funny, edgy – what are we leaving out? Also Noted: Matzah Lasagna at dl004d. Cooking creation photo. The Stand-By at DC Dating Games. Myspace Trainwrecks by Neurotic in Asburn. A post that was noted by Wonkette Please send in your link recommendations, and request to be added to dcblogs.com/live. Dcblogs.com/live update: We are working on adding in another batch just over 50 blogs.