DC Blogs Noted

Meridian Pint is among the latest additions to the Columbia Heights bar/restaurant scene. I Flip for Food has some largely positive things to say but has some qualms too. Learning to Fly, however, makes a case for the restaurant/beer palace’s unique parting gift as it’s most endearing asset.

This contributing editor was aware of the scourge of “wage stealing” in certain segments of our economy. Its pervasiveness, however, came as a great surprise. The Beyond Bread blog writes about that particularly noxious practice and the proposed legislation to battle it.

As Capitol Hill Style writes, “there are few fashion rules that have permeated American culture like the post Labor Day ban on white clothing items.” The author takes some issue with the sartorial sanctity of that maxim. Mommy Fashionality also argues that it is a rule “made to be broken.”

Occam’s Razor offers some politically apocalyptic predictions about partisan cooperation in a post-midterm-election world.

Lacochran is perfectly willing to accept all manner of sexual peccadilloes, save her problems with one particular (and over hyped) fascination.

A lovely and lyrical stanza on a particular void from Blonder Than You… you may want to keep some tissues handy.

General Shout-Out: Welcome back, Lemmonex. Your voice in the DC Blogosphere has been missed, and this contributing editor (among a host of other folks) is glad you’re back.