DC Blogs Noted

A heart warm/break all in one: Band Back Together is a new group blog for people to share their stories of grief, trial, loss, etc.- a place to share, to support, and hopefully, to heal.

Unsuck DC Metro wonders, “Where Would Jesus Litter (WWJL)?”

DC Blogs Contributing Editor Restaurant Refugee shares his favorite “Where Were You” tweets from last Saturday on the anniversary of 9/11.

Scary Mommy, finding herself in her thirties and severely lacking in reference to the stereotypical “Friends” or “Seinfeld” group of comrades, wonders where her people are.

It’s no surprise Lady Gaga took the unofficial prize for wackiest outfit at the VMAs, but Keep It Simple Foods had me laughing while she “devoured” it, in an editorial sense.

When The D.C. Universe picked up cigar smoking as a hobby, he was unaware being an unwilling peeping tom was also part of the package.

Don’t read this before lunch: Zandria recounts a personal Fear Factor-esque experience of the first order.

DO read this before lunch: iEatDC reviews brunch at Chef Art Smith’s “chic comfort food” restaurant, Art & Soul. (I may have audibly gasped at the chicken and waffles.)