DC Blogs Noted

If you liked the Arlington Rap, make sure you don’t miss “The Metro Song” (Unsuck DC Metro) AND the new What’s The Deal DC “WTD Rap Video”.

Borderstan fills us in on what to expect at the 17th Street Festival this Saturday.

Marie’s Blog Cafe shares the first positive account I’ve ever heard of putting together IKEA furniture. (The sweetest, as well.)

The classiest post about Skinemax (and being driven to it) you’ll ever read, via Church of the Big Sky.

Hilarity in Shoes informs us that prohibition is back, but only if you can’t afford more than a 40 and you don’t have a “cheese history”.

The Scarlett Letters writes a fabulous break up letter… to eHarmony.

Don’t judge before you read it: “Breast is Not Best”, from Stirrup Queen.