DC Blogs Noted

The Marathon’s Mistress kinda picks a fight with the too large fraternity of DC-Haters. Editorial Disclosure: this contributing editor is a fellow DC native, and stands firmly with the Mistress.

There’s dark humor, and then there’s the author of Awkward Sex and the City wondering ablog* about the myriad ways unemployment is affecting her life and thoughts.

In What’s in a (Re)Name, the blogger behind The Snarkshelf provides some helpful rebranding of familiar concepts.

Not so Linear‘s Landing Punches is a hauntingly beautiful piece of introspection.

Considering taking a break form blogging? Soup is Not a Fingerfood details some of the causes of her absence.

Attention Span of a Fly contemplates the evolution of romantic relationships from lusty and exciting to familiar and satisfying.

Reading Famous DC‘s pro football bar guide is not unlike reading a cocktail list with Chelsea Handler’s annotations… which is to say that it brings the facts and the funny.

* Urban Dictionary says it’s a word so that’s good enough for me.