DC Blogs Noted

Metro DC Utilities Blog contains an interview with EPA Environmental Scientist Ellen Schmitt discussing emerging contaminants in the water supply.

On World Car Free Day 2010, Beyond DC writes about being car-free for more than ten years and still finds that while occasionally renting a car is necessary for out-of-town travel, most things can be more easily accomplished on foot, on a bike, or on mass transit. This contributing editor didn’t know it was car-free day, but is glad she walked the mile plus to the Metro rather than driving and parking at the station.

Meanwhile, Hey, Love was pleased that unlike Bike-to-Work day, World Car Free day fell on a day when she actually travelled to work so that she could participate.

The tyranny of the tantrum is a tactic Republic of T associates with the right.

Carlos in DC also has some harsh words for the right as he asks for people to take action to fight for the Dream Act.

Go, Pop, Go! gets way too much linkage from this contributing editor, but I just can’t stop – his parenting posts always amuse and educate. Now he’s worried about being a linguistic fogey, confesses to loving The Princess Bride (Really, who, with any taste and perspicacity doesn’t?), and asks for reader help in figuring out modern word usage by kids.

Witnessing an eviction isn’t easy: Farm Fresh Meat describes on his street, considers the complicated and sad situation, and notes at least one heartwarming response.

If you need help figuring out your best furry friend’s behavior – or complete lack thereof – why not ask the experts who will be there to answer questions at the Washington Humane Society’s 5th Annual Walk for the Animals this Saturday. WHS Behavior & Training professionals will be at the walk to advise.

There’s a free event involving Danish writers at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda. It’s tomorrow night. And, again, it’s free. Madam Mayo and guest blogger Kyle Semmel pass along this information.