DC Blogs Noted

Higher mathematics and far too many pills: a dimensional analysis from Toddler Planet.

A hardcore dose of inspiration for you in a guest post at Positively Present. Kinda made your humble editor want to run through a brick wall after reading it.

Ooh, did Hilarity in Shoes hit me close to home with this. A reality check of biblical proportions for the “fixer” in all of us.

Is it impossible to be nice to each other anymore? The Hill is Home contemplates civility.

An interesting spin on the Fenty-Gray split from Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space.

We’re all guilty of judging books by their covers. It’s human nature, and can sometimes cause us to miss some genuinely surprising encounters. Lemmonex, however, does not recount one of those times; she was pretty much spot-on at first glance.

On haves and have-nots at Mascara & Microchips.