DC Blogs Noted

Two phrases come to mind with this entry from City Girl Blogs; “Don’t miss it” and “Get a tissue ready.” We’re pulling for you, girlie.

Candy Sandwich puts into words better than I ever could how I, and probably a lot of you as well, feel about this whole “economy” thing lately.

Comedian Michael Larrick of Happy Berfday To Me reveals his infant entertainment techniques, including but not limited to tickling as “the rape of comedy”.

Feast After Famine contemplates the skank factor of the clothes for the ladies- age SIX and up- at a local Target location.

An interesting post refuting why women do NOT make a better wingman comes from The Unbreakable Man Laws.

If you haven’t heard about Stephen Colbert’s appearance in front of Congress last week, you need to. [F]oxymoron has the clip of his opening statement, and The Anti DC has my favorite review of the event.