DC Blogs Noted

Some writers, some bloggers have the ability to yo-yo one’s emotions through their words and somehow not leave a reader feeling manipulated from the experience. Laurie of LaurieWrites is one such writer, and “Why I had to tell you about him” is one such story.

IcantBelievablepays tribute to the once great societal force, The Record Store (For those born after Ronald Reagan was president, Mike Tyson was a great boxer not a sideshow, or the Redskins were any good, Record Stores are physical places where people once went to buy music) and discovers one still operating.

Did you know that a professional video game league will be hosting its largest tournament in DC this year? I Spy Things DC shares some details… and some mocking.

For just about every high school student, repeating the mantra “It Gets Better” can be useful for treating all manner of angst. Poofygoo gives that refrain new and expanded meaning.

How to Catch DC’s iPhone RobbersAll Life is Local has some suggestions.

Lachochran is just wondering: what’s the polite way to respond to an offer to hold a baby… when you don’t want to hold the baby?

Today is National Coffee Day, thanks to DC Gastronome for the notice and a few bits of caffeinated trivia.