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The author of Where’s My Cape? thought her husband was a bit batty to want to do an Ironman triathlon, but ended up respecting his dedication and determination.

Que sera, Sarah wrote that she was having a baby in four hours. By the time this post is published on DC Blogs Noted, presumably the baby will have been here for some time. And from here on out, anything can and will happen.

Older family history: Red Nose shows why knowing where you came from is a beautiful thing.

Pundit Mom promotes U.N. Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon’s “Ring the Bell” campaign (and posts its advertisement ) to stop violence against women.

What is Cape Cod Paella? Read about it at Eat More Drink More.

The last time this contributing editor posted a Washington Humane Society blog reward post it was inoffensive Guinea Pigs being left to die in the trash. This time, a dog (they may be our best friends, but sometimes we aren’t theirs) was left to die, and was fortunately rescued. Who does this sort of douchetastic thing?

On September 23, the U.K. became the world’s largest producer of wind power when Thanet Wind-Farm began producing electricity, reports Clean Currently.