DC Blogs Noted

Many blogs in the DC Food Sub-Blogosphere took note of the reported closing of the U Street eatery, Crème. U Street Girl was one of the few bloggers to do further study and realize that reports of the restaurant’s demise were greatly exaggerated (not for nothing, but this contributing editor, would love to see a local blogger address the topic of journalistic responsibility for online-writers… I might even buy the first round for anyone willing to have a serious discussion about this.)

What happens when journalistic ethics go limp in the spine and meet homophobia (or conservative values, depending on perspective) combined with new media input from end-users? The GLAA forum answers that question from their point of view.

Vegan Halloween? Yeah, only in Takoma Park. All Life is Local asks a couple of questions about the concept and finds the answers to most of them too.

So, a woman from a highly regarded institution of higher learning – cough, cough, one of my alma maters – makes a classic undergraduate/rookie mistake. But this is the age of over-sharing through all forms of new media. Date the District looks for lessons in the now public sexual exploits of one coed.

As a man who has struggled with deciphering the myriad acronyms common in our technologically driven communication, Stymieland’s argument with their significant other and the linguistic ambiguity that ensued as the disagreement moved to email spoke to me.

Feel-Good-Photo-of-the-Day provided by ARL Now blog, welcome home, soldier.