DC Blogs Noted

The value of standing on your own two feet, no matter how hard it is, from On a Lobster Placemat.

On the eve of the Great Columbus Day Blue/Orange Line Shutdown, a tale of WMATA folks trying to do right in spite of surliness at The Anti DC.

On pain and boxing gloves at Not So Linear.

Love songs for grown-ups? Your humble editor likes the sound of that, and so does Alyssa Rosenberg.

I’m Gonna Break Your Heart… yeah, she lives up to the title today. Anyone who’s been there will feel this one.

In keeping with what appears to be my theme, here’s another advocacy idea. If you’re as bemused as I am with the “I like it…” meme on Facebook, join me and hey, love in taking some real action against breast cancer.

Whew. Today’s links are kinda heavy. What say we go out on a high note, courtesy of the GLAA Forum?