DC Blogs Noted

Mayoral Blogs and Blog Endorsements Adrian Fenty’s blog and Jenny Miller This will be the first of a series of inconsequential reviews of DC mayoral candidate blogs. Today’s featured review: Adrian Fenty’s blog. It’s not a blog. It’s a collection of blathering testimonials and no comments are accepted. But, luckily, for Fenty, it matters not. Here’s one blog endorsement: After careful analysis, we’ve concluded Mr. Fenty is the best candidate, based largely on these two points: 1. He got our alley repaved, and 2. One of his cousins is a lesbian. From Jenny Miller. We wish the screen shot to the right was Fenty’s blog. Wouldn’t that be delicious? Instead, check out the incredible, electric work at Jenny Miller. Also Noted Elise at Where is my mind? Is conducting a fund raiser via Donors Choose, which helps teachers. She is seeking to raise $200 for this charity. DonorsChoose is trying to get bloggers to post challenges on their sites and encourage readers to participate. The Express is now blogging online, increasing the visibility of local blogs with multiple daily posts and mentions. If a newspaper can devote a couple of pages a day to comics, it can give a little attention to its local bloggers, but, interestingly, the vast majority of newspapers today view local blogs as critters in the forest existing just to occasionally run out and bite them. The Post Express is one of the first mainstream U.S. news organizations to cross over into this local blogging world, and by this I mean pay attention to some of the things dc bloggers write about. Many bloggers will likely welcome the attention that this can bring. — KOB (A post with comments about the Express blog at the Rock Creek Rambler.) Among those writing for the site is Kriston of Grammar.police and Amanda of Metrocurean. I met my love on Craigslist. Till human voices wake, and we drown. Photos: Faces of the Fallen display at the Women in Military service memorial at Arlington Cemetery by Board at BoardGameGeek. Click here for Silent Hill: There’s no end in sight to the string of crappy video game movies, folks. From a new blog, DCgirl(at)themovies.