DC Blogs Noted

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space wonders why DC has no systematic process in place to analyze pedestrian/automobile accidents in order to identify (and fix) particularly dangerous intersections.

All Life Is Local makes a case to ban leaf blowers in the District.

Forget KFC’s Double Down; Candid FitNut (reluctantly) introduces us to Burger King’s “NY Pizza Burger“.

Alice’s Wonderland‘s sister goes above and beyond in the birthday gift department. 16,299 points for creativity.

DC’s 2010 Green Festival is coming this weekend; Herban Lifestyle has the details.

Brütalism fears for her husband’s future mistress.

Date the District makes a case for giving a guy a second chance after a hot mess of a first date.

Overall shout out: Six Degrees of Love: Boy meets girl. Girl moves across country with her two munchkins to live with him… and HIS four munchkins. Your modern day Brady Bunch, a la Alexandria. Enjoy. I have been.