DC Blogs Noted

Frank self-examinations of one’s sexuality are rare, and even more so when accompanied by scrutiny of relationship history. The Heartbreaker behind the I’m Gonna Break Your Heart blog has an unexpected experience that does just that. She learns about being literally and metaphorically cold-blooded.

DC Femmela is up for a Youtopia Award. Help out a local in her efforts to win a grant.

The differences between the United States and the United Kingdom are well documented and well known. Not Enough Tequila in the World explores some of the lesser known distinctions.

The Slow Cook examines the issue of feeding poor children at our public schools while simultaneously and perhaps unintentionally shinning a light on the unvarnished hate that bubbles to the surface of anonymous internet conversations.

The following post is from a now defunct blog, but is a worthwhile read nonetheless. What’s it like to be the Other Woman from Bourbon and Sympathy.