DC Blogs Noted

Like the GLAA Forum, this contributing editor finds Virginia Thomas’s call to Anita Hill asking for an apology totally creepy PunditMom, in her piece on the Stir, wants Mrs. Thomas to get over it already (“after all, you won”).

Angela Roberts, in her blog Nine Ravens, remembers her father and his death, slightly more than ten years ago.

We all forget things.  Candy Sandwich recalls knowing how to do things and knowing things that she no longer knows how to do or just no longer knows.

The Washington Humane Society has a team running in the Marine Corps Marathon.  If you love your furry friends (come on, everyone’s very important, but if it weren’t for cats, dogs, and other critters, no one would be all that happy to see most people in this town), why not sponsor the team at $1 per mile (total $26.20)?

What is it like to be a hesitant person (those who are impulsive really want to know)?  Nine Ravens discusses her temperament, not always happy with the results.

And Parenting by Dummies (and if most parents were honest, wouldn’t that be most parents?) is holding an (un)Haunted Halloween Photo contest.