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All People Become Patients Veritography This is an interesting, very readable perspective by a student at the Georgetown School of Medicine about how intense medical training reshapes perception of everyday life. An excerpt:

The man you pass by on the street has a mole on his arm, and you mentally imagine the histology of the tissue. You see a mother walking her daughter through the metro and when the small child trips, the mother catches her by her hand, yanking up on her arm and the only thing you can think of is the possibility of a dislocated elbow.

Also Noted Metro roundup: I saw an advertisement in an unlikely place: the Metro tunnel wall, writes, davidblog. The ad was for the Lincoln Zephyr and it looked surprisingly sharp. Also read: Stanaping on the Metro. An Omnipotent Blog That’s Not Interesting. Nice rack at the TheWashCycle. New arts blogs, DC Arts Girl, a mix of art and life by a flutist who wants to run her own arts organization someday. And Wash Art News, which will follow local arts activities. The anniversary of Chernobyl nuclear accident is this week, but its awful legacy of human misery continues to this day. The full extent of the effects of the Chernobyl accident cannot be grasped, writes Cocoricamo in a post that details what is known so far about this disaster’s grim accounting. A thanks to Kathryn for her observations about the dcblogs/live feed, and her list of recommendations about effective posting. DC for Dummies, or at least Newbies. Entertaining perspective about life in the city. Very nice work by Beauty and the Beltway. Just out of curiosity: Is there a blog or a blog writer in favor of church double parking? It’s a one-way issue in blog land (please correct if wrong and include link in comments.) Logan Circle Parking Problems is microscoping the rich political doublespeak this issue engenders. Found via DCist. Also see: dcblogs.com/live
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