DC Blogs Noted

Yuppie Yogini visits DC and takes lots of pictures, including the use of hotel bed as trampoline. She writes: It was all fun and games, until I hit my hand on the ceiling.

Is Rent Too Damn High in the DC Area? Urban Turf. Comments offer a sampling of what people are paying.

If He’s Trying to Mess With My Head, It’s Working. The Girl With the Red Stethoscope a relationship advice columnist turned medical student in the DC area.

Are DCist’s Readers Meaner than the Post’s? The Slow Cook. Wishing for an urbane discussion in the most highly educated area in the U.S.

The date was not going well, writes Dancing though DC . She writes: By the time we got to the bar, I’d had enough. And like an angel from Heaven above, my phone rings.

I bought my husband an iPad & all I got was a pounding headach. Scary Mommy.