DC Blogs Noted

Hey, 35 year-old men out there… does Hilarity in Shoes have you pegged?

In keeping with the oh-so-wonderful “It Gets Better” movement, this look at then and now from Scott’s Take shows just how far we’ve come.

The Drowning Mermaid struggles as she is influenced by friends, families, and strangers on whether to give her child a Chamorro name.

Because I am a sucker for this city, Noticed by Northwest writes (an especially-relevant-to-election-season) love letter to DC.

The Definitive Dmbosstone wonders if he’s falling short in comparison to his Gen-Y peers, given the amazing things young folk are accomplishing these days.

Have you ever been defriended over your political leanings? Rude Cactus suspects he has.

Georgetown seems to have some extremely enterprising freshman in their crop this year. So much so that some of them have built their own meth* lab. (via I Spy Things DC)

*It was actually DMT they were making and selling, but meth just has a much better ring to it.