DC Blogs Noted

Last Sunday’s Washington Post featured an op-ed piece that asserted the existence of a “New Elite” that is woefully out of touch with “real America.” Always a Drunk Never a Bride self identifies as a member of that elite, and questions the premise of a real versus a fake America.

Happy Birthday to One Wino’s Search for Clarity. Her clear eyed look on where she’s been, where she is, and where she wants to go is a terrific read.

Do You Come Here Often writes of life and loss in remembrance of her recently deceased grandfather.

The City of College Park, MD and the state’s flagship University for which the former is named have had a contentious relationship in recent years with expansion of student housing and under-age drinking being two of the most difficult issues. Greater Greater Washington blog makes a compelling argument that more student housing will help the drinking/behavior problems.

Many of you may have read about the recent arrests of Georgetown University students for running a drug lab from a dorm room. The Georgetown Metropolitan blog writes to illuminate the fact that 30 years ago GU students were just as good at ruining their lives.