DC Blogs Noted

Any post that begins “My bike and I had to take the Metro today” is going to get a nod from me, but the quoted interchange by Bikecrush DC was hilarious and would make anyone wonder about the other person in the conversation.

The Republic of T asks everyone to vote and to vote to support the continuation of health care reform.

A blast from the past: the GLAA Forum posts a link to a video of Joseph Welch showing Joseph McCarthy for what he was during the Army/McCarthy hearings, drawing a parallel to paranoia today.

Capitol Hill 20210 no longer discloses her salary range on dating websites, and believes there are certain reasons her pay scale bothers men.

Anyone who has been blogging for a while knows that it’s probably best not to look at what searches brought some people to your blog. Sarah and the Goon Squad‘s author commits this cardinal error.