DC Blogs Noted

Ten dollars can be far more complicated than it would seem, as Year of Giving shows us.

PSA time: chocolate is VERY, VERY bad for dogs. Friendship Tails brings that message home (kinda graphically, for those of you with less-than-iron constitutions) right before the candy-fest that is Halloween.

On the eve of the Rally for Sanity, The Foggy Dew writes beautifully of the dangers of vicious absolutism.

At Learning to Fly, a run interrupted by a goofy game leads the writer to ponder her evolving reaction to immaturity.

In the spirit of equal time, Hilarity in Shoes‘ companion piece to our feature from Tuesday. Ladies, it’s your turn

And to leave you on this lovely pre-Halloween weekend, Mascara and Microchips wants to keep you alive by providing a handy guide for how to survive a horror movie. Stay safe out there…