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Regarding Metro and the restore sanity/fear rally organizers, thinklynsen says it was a catastrophic failure and embarrassment.

If you see something, say something writes this about the rally: Above all, the day was a huge rebuttal to Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and the teabaggers, by a diverse crowd representing all ages, all walks of life, and seemingly from all over. This gathering effectively refudiated the claims by the right to represent the “real America.”

The Rally for Sanity? It Was Insane! Life Outtacontext shows off his poster.

Halloween scares. Photo. MtnGrl Musings.

Rally poster photo wrap: Eat Drink More More and Nutgraph

Reya has a homecoming in Missouri reflects on the differences in this land in Home Sweet Home: If you get a cold on the west coast, you try to figure out WHY. You haven’t been eating well or maybe you’ve skipped your yoga class too often. If you get a cold on the east coast, you don’t have a cold. You take over-the-counter meds and go to work. If you get a cold in the midwest, you get in bed, eat chicken soup, watch movies on TV, read magazines, and recover. According to the Cosmology of Reya.

Dear Mom and Dad, If I die today…Marathon’s Mistress writes a letter with an asterisk.