DC Blogs Noted

A man sharpens his knife on the Metro, while another tries to ride his wheelchair up the escalator. 10th and Mayville reports in the post: Exciting people on the Metro.

Gina Arlotto of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, tells what is was like to bicycle commute, in the post, My First Year as a Bike Commuter. She writes: At 43, with three children to see into adulthood, safety was my main concern.

The writer of Occam’s Razor hires someone off Craiglist to remove a basketball post. He writes about the experience in The Craigslist economy.

Write Spell‘s Web cam doubles as a mirror.

The perk of owning a scooter is minor celebrity status on the streets of DC, writes Pamela’s Punch.

What is a ‘Mews,” is explained by Preserving DC Stables.

A Bitchin Kithen has a recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.