DC Blogs Noted

What began as bullet-pointed musings on recent events in the life of the Choosey Beggar, quickly morphed into a laugh inducing, behind-the-scenes look at restaurant lifeand not for nothing, but his About Me page is a riot too.

For most things in life, timing is critical. Lemon Gloria‘s post about the Sunset of Butterbean13 (her Match profile) illustrates that dating is no exception to the vagaries and fickleness of timing.

A Single Girl Doing Single Things is a newish blog from a recently single and recently transplanted woman living in DC. Her latest post laments the influence of technology on the dating habits of 20somethings. While it includes some usual generalizations (i.e. – guys always do this, girls do that) it also has some funny stories and interesting observations too.

The Bitches who Brunch offer a point/counter-point deconstruction of their experience at Beacon Bar & Grill. Unsurprisingly, the only matter of consensus is the bottomless mimosas.

Do not be fooled by the name of her blog – I Spy Things DC is not a fan of the local football team. The events of the last few months, however, have softened her position from playful derision to sympathy.

In a city filled with people who take too much joy in bashing it, I Drank What?!? has a charming love letter to her adopted hometown.

Veteran’s Day is Thursday, and DC Like a Local has a guide to events in honor of those who served who served this country in our armed forces.

Who doesn’t love a bake sale for a good cause? Certainly not the blogger behind Black Pearls & Bitch Boots.

Though this is not a DC Blog, the concept is extremely cool and demonstrative of the generous spirit that our virtual community continuously exudes. Read about Just Daisy‘s Comments for Cans Drive, and maybe get inspired to start your own? Hat tip to the delightfully snarky Firecracker’s Follies for alerting me to this.