DC Blogs Noted

Magnolia is dealing with the some issues and has a side of seasonal affective disorder thrown in for extra measure.

The once and future DC Blogger, Hannah Just Breath, wants to be clear – she does not play the role of damsel in distress. However, she did recently meet a Knight who saved her car from getting unlawfully towed and in the process, maybe helps restore everyone’s faith in the existence of “good guys.”

Because we can all use a daily dose of the excessively cute, I present the Tina Dela Rosa Photography blog and Infants & Puppies.

Too many parents have lamented the moment they looked themselves in the mirror only to realize the visage of their own parents looked back. Alice’s Adventures Underground describes that moment and lists some parental tropes she never thought she’d use.

You need to see this picture from Bike Crush DC – an only in DC moment.