DC Blogs Noted

Anonymiss in DC felt a lump in her breast, and she takes readers along for her doctor’s visit. Reading this kind of story ought not be quite so enjoyable.

Is it better to ignore a problem that your friend doesn’t know exists or confront it? Would your answer change if a rare and valuable book was involved?  Brunch Bird is dealing with just that conundrum.

On Frozen Blog is normally about hockey. However, in the aftermath of the local football team’s nationally televised embarrassment… at home… to a divisional foe, the Puckheads* behind OFB have a few choice words for Daniel Snyder, disaffected Washington football fans, and their local media enablers.

Now that the weather has turned cooler there are a few easy things you can do around the house to improve your energy efficiency and lower your bills.  The Green Miles outlines one trick that might be news to you.

Thanksgiving Day is one week away. For everyone who is roasting a turkey, there may be no more critical step than the brine.  At Least I’m Enjoying the Ride offers a very good primer on how to make a brine.

* For non-hockey fans, Puckhead is an complementary euphemism