DC Blogs Noted

So apparently, while we weren’t looking, Batman comics took a turn for the stiflingly cerebral. The D.C. Universe reflects on the change.

This dilemma comes up every year around this time: exercise outdoors in the cold and dark, or gather ourselves up and go to the gym? Fresh Muddy Waters weighs her options.

I’m sure we all agree that water conservation is important. But is the “unwashed” movement the answer? Metro DC Mom Blog doesn’t think so. (And as one of the many Metro-dependent folks in our fair metro area, I don’t either. Just putting it out there.)

“When you don’t know what it means, it’s hard to know how to react.” Learning to Fly reminisces about middle school and a certain eccentric boy.

No Princesses Here, in the midst of a stressful bout of uncertainty, runs into an alarming lack of bedside manner.

Is it even worth flying anymore? Not Enough Tequila in the World reflects on just how obnoxious getting on a plane has really become these days.

Mascara and Microchips on whether clearing the air is all it’s cracked up to be.