DC Blogs Noted

Living in an apartment that isn’t trying to kill me rocks. The differences between an apartment in the District and an apartment in Korea. Curiosity Killed the Kat.

The arrival of Wal-Mart in DC has Greater Greater Washington worried that its suburban-style appearance and large parking lots won’t fit. It’s trying to find out what’s really up with retailer’s plans. Meanwhile, City Desk looks at the “healthy debate” on the Shepherd Park’s listserv over Wal-Mart’s possible move to an old dealership lot at Missouri and Georgia.

Police issue ticket to bicyclist after he was struck by car, but how did they know who was at fault? The police never spoke to the bicyclist, who learned of the ticket after he was released from the hospital. Struck in DC. Also see TBD’s take on it. DCist weighs in as well.

When people end their blog and release their domain, the blog may suddenly reappear sometime later in our live feed under new ownership. Long ago, there was a blog called Stuck in a … Now, there is a new blog simply called Rut by someone in Nottingham, U.K. Consider the title when viewing the picture and wonder …

Turkey-themed cupcakes from someone who hates Thanksgiving. Cupcakes take the cake.

Crime at 7 DC Locations: Which One is Safest? Borderstan. Crime data is used to create a comparison.