DC Blogs Noted

If you’ve ever visited the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial on the National Mall, the chances are pretty good that you’ve walked by the kiosk that was operated by veterans as an additional tribute to their imprisoned or fallen comrades. The other night a fire destroyed that structure. The DC Like a Local blog offers a brief history of the kiosk and some personal thoughts too.

The War on Drugs and Airline Passengers is a terribly thoughtful examination of the precursors and predilections surrounding the new TSA Scanners and Patdowns from Giving Up Control.

The ignorance of both liberals and conservatives has been breathtaking, as they failed to understand one of the first principles of a free society—your own rights are secured only as you support the rights of others.

More thoughts on TSA screenings and the “opt out day” that is scheduled for today from OMB’s Lawn – I See Stupid People.

The DC Universe had some conflicting thoughts about the forthcoming remake (new version? new generation?) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Because I know you all are fools for Worst Date Stories, City Girls World presents the Worst Wedding Date Ever.

How much more or less do you know about a date you meet online versus a five minute conversation in a bar? Date the District explores the similarities and distinctions between “IrishCutie23… and the guy who’s saved in your phone as ‘Dave Front Page guy’”.